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So confused...what's going on? Why am I a motorbike? What the hell? Some things are coming back. Factory. Metal parts. Dammit, I'm a human motorbike?! But why am I here? I can't remember. And who's riding me? This rider feels familiar...Ugh my mind's so foggy. Fading away...


Okay it's clear again. I'm parked beside a roadside diner. Reese? What is he doing here? Wait he's coming over here. Is he my rider? What's happening? Does he know I'm here? Was he involved? No he probably doesn't, he wouldn't do this sort of thing to me. I got to tell him somehow.

We're moving off now. I need to tell him I'm here, maybe he can do something about it. Get me out somehow. I'm trying to speak, but the tube in my mouth works for an efficient gag. Going to try to shout. Nope, just a very bad gurgling noise coming from me. But it's working! Reese is stopping to take a look. Come on come on, you got to notice me here right? I'm your best friend. NONONO don't get back on. Dammit.

Alright time for plan B. Going to try and swerve onto the dirt field on the side of the road. 3, 2, 1 and GO! Okay off the road, Reese's is trying really hard to steer me back though. Got to fight it come on come on. Okay threw him off. Now how do I tell him anything? I don't have much time before he tries to get back on me. Okay okay I'll write my name on the dirt. Come on gotta keep my balance. Wrote the D. It looks like an O dammit. No time, moving on to the A. Come on come on. Dammit he tackled me to the ground. Nonono don't turn off my engine! It's there! Look at the tracks! Ugh.

Okay he's went and flagged a truck down. He's talking to the driver. Now they are trying to load me onto the truck. And they drag me on lying down. This is gonna damage my paintwork. No wait, that's part of the bike, not me. Ugh, still so confused...


I'm here at this showroom now, it feels familiar. Reese is talking to a sales lady.

"I've been facing some problems recently with my motorcycle. It started making this guzzling noise, then it threw me off and spun around out of control. Is there something you can do?"

She's looking at me. I don't like her grin. Definitely doesn't spell good news for me. "Sure we'll get it fixed real quick. You can come back tomorrow to pick it up. We'll also clean up the dirt and scratches for you. Sorry about the inconvenience caused."

Definitely my time to escape. Going to try and activate my engine... Okay it's up. Dammit out of gas. She's noticing. A key is inserted into the dashboard behind my head. She turns. Everything's going dark for me. I'm fading out. No come on...


I'm coming to. She's here too. I think she turned me back on. Where am I? She's speaking now. "We give you a new identity as a motorcycle, and you don't want to keep it. I'm going to give you one more chance to give up your life as a human, and start your life afresh as a vehicle. Let's start the programming."

Monitors flash to life in front of me, flashing through images of roads, cars and signs. A recorded track begins playing through about road safety and riding. Got to ignore. Blocking out everything...


It's been at least fifteen minutes. Or maybe an hour? I can't tell any more. It's working though, I'm resisting her brainwashing attempts. She's back though.

"Machine, progress log."
"Vehicle is not complying to programming attempt. Thoughts are still in native language"
"Alright thank you."

She's speaking to me now. "So you think you can outsmart this system? I'm personally not a fan of fully erasing everything in your mind. It's practically murder if you think about it. Honestly though you're not giving me much of a choice. Try resisting this. Machine, commence full override."

A bitter liquid gushes down the tube in my mouth, forcing it down my throat. A device is also attached to my abdomen, on top of where my dick is pressed upwards against my body. It's massaging it slowly, turning me on. Dammit, this is so wrong. A probe is getting inserted into my anal too. Ugh someone help me, this is so violating. A soft vibration begins up my rear, making the arousal much harder to resist.

"Here's the deal captain. You act like a bike, and I'll give you release. But a single thought in English, a single act of resistance, and you get nothing but sexual tension."

I try to protest. Immediately, a ring around the base of my dick contracts, making it impossible to cum. The front and rear massaging intensifies, making the feeling unbearable..I'm humping the air, as much as I can move in this prison.

"I see you're feeling the consequences of resistance. This should change your mind. Machine, release." The ring loosens, and I'm allowed to cum. Tubes around drain the fluids away.

This is inhumane. I'm trying to protest now, but the liquid from earlier seems to have relaxed my vocal cords, ignoring my control. Only a guttural noise is coming out, and through the tubes it sounds like a humming of the engine.

"Good good, that's the sound I want to hear from you. In front of you is a simulated track. Each lap you complete, you get release. Each time you think of anything in English, your lap doesn't get counted. Let's begin."

Mind's getting cloudy. Must be drowsy liquid. Got to drive laps for release. So horny. One lap done. Ugh, no release. Can't...

Got to make engine noises. Vroom... ... Yes release. Feels so good... No, got to fight. Come on. Oh no it's stopping up again. Just one more time. Vroom. Ahh so good... Got to keep going... Vroom vroom...

Vroom vroom...


"Hey Melissa, it's been a week, and the bike works really well now. Haven't faced a single problem with it since you guys took care of it. I just want to say I really love the service you provide. Thanks so much!"

Vroom vroom!

Free Ride 2 [Hypnosis]
Part 2 to the previous TF: <da:thumb id="619633021"> based on ideas by :iconslxd:

It's a bit darker this time, featuring a full erasing of Dave's memories with a very kinky method. Enjoy.
I'm probably here because of a lot of bad decisions. Maybe it's deciding to drop everything and moving south to San Francisco. Maybe it's deciding to ride my motorcycle down even though the weather forecast was predicted. Or maybe it's how of all buildings in an abandoned town I could take shelter in, I decided to enter a factory. That's when the wind decided to blow really strong, slamming the back door shut. Bad decisions bad decisions.

I've tried every other door in this factory, and they are all locked too. I see an office up on the upper floors though, and if there are any keys to one of these doors, it'll definitely be up there. I go up the flight of metal stairs, disturbing years of dust with each step. Now I'm coughing. Great. The doors to the office are locked anyway. If Reese knew about this, he'd go "Dave, I told you going there is a bad idea. Now look what you've got yourself into again.". He's definitely my best friend, but sometimes he cares too much. Doesn't he get it, our old town is stale, boring. There's no good jobs, no career path, no "seeing the world". I'm born for so much more than this. Well maybe not "stuck in the factory"-this, but "see the world, make it big in life"-this.

There's a switch on the wall though. Gonna flip it. It turns all the lights in the factory on. And the machinery too, by the whirr that's starting to come from them. They seem to be producing motorcycles, now that I look at it. Wheels stacked in a corner, engines on production lines and chassis. The doors don't seem to be powered by that switch though, because they are still not opening. Dammit. You know what, I'm tired. It's three in the morning. There's a chair, I'll just take a seat, sleep, and settle this when I'm actually awake.


Well, I'm definitely awake now. Didn't sleep for long because not long into my slumber, I awoke to metal clamps on my neck, wrists and ankles. Why is this chair here? I don't know. Now how am I going to get out of here? Now the chair is moving on the rails beneath it. It looks like the start of the production line. Being an avid fan of bikes, this would be cool to watch. To be involved as the next product? Not so much. Struggling's not helping, the clamps are not giving. Dammit dammit dammit.

I'm going into a machine. Claws are coming down, examining me. Suddenly my clothes are being ripped off, and a thin spray of cleaning agent starts. I'm closing my eyes as tightly as possible, but I can still feel the sting of the cleaning agent, and a very strong taste of alkaline in my mouth. More claws brought down a special rubber hood. This hood had tubes dangling inside, which a claw is trying to force up my nostrils and into my mouth. I'm screaming for help now, but that just made it easier for the tubes to enter, effectively muffling my screams. The other claws fitted the hood over my head at the same time, encasing my head in. I'm now looking through black-tinted lenses. I feel an adhesive liquid inside the hood, and I'm sincerely hoping this is not permanent. Breathing through these tubes is hard, and I can hear my breath coming from the vents on the front of my mask. Another mist sprays over the hood, and the hood starts to tighten into a form-fitting shape around my head and neck. It's going to be a pain to remove if I get out of here. WHEN I get out of here, what am I thinking. I'm going to get out. The chair is exiting the machine now, but there's another machine up ahead.

As I'm forced into the next machine, the clamps drag me off my chair and onto a low frame. My palms are forced on the ground, and so are my knees and ankles, effectively making me kneel on the frame. My head is also restrained so I can't turn my neck, but I can see nozzles on the roof of this machine. The conveyor belt I'm on seems to have stopped. This is my chance. Well, would be my chance if these clamps are more forgiving. Struggling isn't helping again. Without warning, a spray of hot black liquid rubber douses my bare skin. It's hurting real bad. I think it's going to leave very serious burns on me. I'm screaming real loud now, and it's coming out as another mechanical hum because of the rubber hood. Nobody's going to hear me. Dammit. A cool spray of water comes down, hardening the rubber form around me. Another spray of rubber comes down and repeats.

It's been five cycles. Five cycles of rubber and water. If anyone's coming to save me, now would be a good time. The conveyor belt is starting again. It brings me into a pool of more chemicals, and it dips the entire frame, with me attached into it. The rubber is getting vulcanized, with me stuck inside. Another spray comes on, and it tightens the rubber around my body. The clamps and frame release me as I exit the machine on the conveyor belt. It's pointless though, my body is stuck in a case of hardened rubber. Wait, I can still shake. Please let this be my chance. I'm going to try to shift myself off the production line. Come on, almost to the edge. THERE. Off the machine! I've fallen over, lying down in my still-kneeling position, stuck, but hey! I'm off the production! Now to wait for someone to find me. Someone's got to find me, right?

Never-mind, something's found me, but it's one of the cameras. A claw comes down and picks me up, placing me back on the conveyor belt. Dammit! Into the next machine. A camera takes a photo of me for inspection, and it's showing up on the screen on the side. Damn my muscled body in rubber looks pretty hot. Curves in all the right places. Okay bad time for these kind of thoughts. Parts of the motorcycle chassis start to come down around me, and they are bolted in place. A metal frame is being bolted around my arms, and my hands are now covered by joints. Dammit. It's starting to feel more and more permanent with each passing minute. It may not look like it, but I'm thrashing. I'm thrashing for my life.

Well, no such luck. I feel stuff being pressed against my chest and back. Knowing the structure of motorcycles, I'd say those would be the engine, and the seat. The rest of the engine wraps from my torso all the way to my behind. I still can't look though, with my head stuck looking forwards. More metallic parts pressed against my body. Two wheels roll into place, and I feel both my palms and my ankles being attached to them. An ominous device looms over my head, coming down to engulf it. Dammit I'm claustrophobic. I see metal parts and tools whizz pass right in front of my lenses, and there's a lot of buzzing noises everywhere. The device is off now, but my head feels heavy now. My field of vision is even narrower now, blocked by a lot of reflective surfaces. Some more welding tools on arms come down, and weld the structure on my head to the rest of the chassis on my body. Something's getting welded to the back of my head. Handlebars would be my guess.

Another inspection camera comes down to take a photo, and I see a red motorcycle where I should be kneeling. I can look left and right now by turning my shoulders, and it turns the front wheel too. A tube comes down and inserts into the filler neck. Am I being filled with gasoline? Okay it's not. It's getting pumped into my mouth through the tubes. I'm feeling a burn in my stomach, and it's spreading to the rest of my body. I can feel it going up my chest, into my head, and on my wheels. Wait what? My wheels? I try to move my arms. My front wheel turns. My back wheel also moves to my command. Ugh what's happened to me. I try to blink. Suddenly there's bright lights all around my eyes, shielded only by the black lenses. Wait, are those my headlights? On, off, on, off. So they are. Dammit. I know I should be freaking out, but now's not the time. I got to escape. Wait I think I can! Let's see if I can get the engine up. Okay I'm up and running. Moving around the factory now, I think I can ride up the stairs and bust through one of the windows above. And I'm out of gas. Seriously?

I'm lying on the ground again, but this time I can feel the ground against my chassis. Another claw gets me again. It props me up and brings me in front of a bright blue screen. Patterns and shapes are going around and man it feels so relaxing. Wait, no. It's hypnotizing me! The speakers are also saying something, "You're a motorcycle, ready to serve your rider". Ugh I can't listen to this. Dammit got to block it out. Closing my eyes, trying to look away. A claw grabs my handlebars and faces me to the front again. Another one turns on my headlights, and my eyes are forced open.

More shapes. I'm feeling dizzy. I just want to rest my wheels. No wait not wheels. My legs. LEGS. What's happening to me?! Why did I choose to leave. Ugh should've listened to Reese and stayed. Now I'm here in this factory, my bike the only evidence I've been here. Bike? Why would I own a bike though? I'm one! Dammit come on focus. I'm human. I travel with my wheels. FEET. LEGS. No wait that doesn't sound right. If only my rider was here, that'll clear things up a lot. And pump me up with some gasoline come on, I can't think on an empty stomach. Or was it fuel tank? That makes more sense. No dammit come on I'm a rider. I ride bikes. Not the other way around. That sounds weird. Riders ride bikes, and I'm a bike. Yeah that sounds better. Can't wait to feel the tarmac under my wheels. High speeds, riding through the rain...


I'm here, bright lights everywhere. Cars, other bikes like me. Some of them have riders, and I'm feeling jealous. Wait, is that rider buying me? Haha I knew it, I'm getting a rider! He's taking me outside now. I feel the road. And it feels warm and inviting. Can't wait can't wait. My rider's speaking now, "You know, I was thinking about what Dave said, and it makes sense. We're both twenty-five, young and alive. I don't want to end up fifty one day wondering where my youth has gone. If he's going out there, I'm going too. I want to see the world." Rider is looking down at me now. "And what better way to do it than to travel the country on a bike". Is he going to see more roads? I hope he's going to visit every road in the world. That would be awesome. Life is good.
Free Ride [Motorcycle TF]
It's been a while since I've written a story, so here's one. :iconslxd: suggested this TF along with the plot. Enjoy~
Requests are still open.

The rules stated in the previous journal ( ) were fairly detailed, so let me summarize them in a simplified form.

:bulletgreen: Bondage
:bulletgreen: Pertrification
:bulletgreen: TF

:bulletred: Vore
:bulletred: Inflation
:bulletred: Rape
:bulletred: TG
:bulletred: Female-only TF

Take all requests to PM


Åland Islands
== About me ==
Sherr's my nickname, the English pronunciation of 蛇, or [shé] in Chinese. It's Chinese because I am Asian. But that does not mean I speak Chinese 24/7, and have bad English. In fact, my command over the English language beats that of my Chinese.

My real name will not be revealed, as with my gender. This is because this profile is about things I enjoy, things which I don't want labeled on me as a person. Hence who I am is not important. Not here, not now.

But yes, this is what I do. Transformations, bondage, and more of what I enjoy will be on this profile. I do traditional art and digital art, but those are time-consuming, and do not come out as good as I'd like. So while I do not write stories as a hobby, I shall do it on this profile as an expression of what I'm interested in.

Sherr, the Twisted Snake, is here.

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